Sharing Session on Trade Innovation @KDEI Taipei. The power of design is one of the key phrases. Indonesian Business Entrepreneurs are to pay more attention to the design aspects of their products (goods & services), in and at every inch of their products and how the products are being used/consumed.

The trend of experience innovation requires business entrepreneurs to design their products to facilitate customers’ consumption or customers’ use of products (goods or services).

I usually facilitate companies or business organizations to innovate their products or services. The workshop and coaching innovation are designed in a half-day session, a one-day session, and a best-practice-two-day session. For effective practice in two-day session, the number of participants is from 10 to 24 participants. We often customized our workshop should customers/companies allocate less than 14-hour session. Info Session: Ms. Cita at 0811 9849 105 or workshop[at]

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Workshop on New-Product-Development (NPD) Innovation
Workshop on Product Innovation & Intelligence
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