From 30-minute innovation talks to 14-hour workshop sessions


Organizations that continually excel at creating new products or services or at improving existing products or services into their newness know what, why, and how to innovate effectively. Above all, innovative outputs are the results of innovative input and process. Let’s call the later innovation at work. Economically and socially successful innovations are the functions of successful innovation at work (internal innovation).

Focused on the sources of innovative opportunities and the application of principles of innovation in the dynamic and complex market environment, this program facilitates you to create and develop the input pillars and evaluate the innovation value chain in your organization(s) by identifying and diagnosing different stimulators, process stages, and output pillars.

Upcoming Open Workshop facilitated by Avanti Fontana & Team

4 March 2014: The Practice & Art of Innovation: From Product to Business Model Innovation

Upcoming TMT Workshop facilitated by Avanti Fontana & Team

3 April 2014: Management & Business Model Innovation: Concept & Practice

What You Can Expect

Leaders-Managers are challenged to lead and facilitate the innovations in their organizations and to orchestrate the process so that innovations become normal daily activities and obtain all people’s commitment. By balancing innovation strategies with effective execution from the input to the process, this innovation training program presents fresh ideas and new approaches and tool-kits to facilitate your product or service management and your innovation at work day to day—and to help your organization create collaborative advantage for innovation over the long run. Specifically, you will:
1. Recognize, evaluate and create the right innovation paradigms.
2. Recognize and create new opportunities or develop existing opportunities for product/service/administrative innovation.
3. Recognize and design your innovation stimulators.
4. Recognize and design your innovation-process excellence.
5. Recognize and create your innovation compass.
6. Recognize and plan your innovation output performance.
7. Realize faster and better your innovation agenda (momentum of innovation).

Our clients witnessed the 25% increase in their innovation climate & process improvement and can boost 80% performance!

How Will My Organization Benefit?

The workshop is an important investment for both you and your organization. Going far beyond the basis transmission of skills and theories, the sessions provides applicable lessons in the classroom that can be implemented successfully within your organization. The applications of diagnostic, coaching and engaged approaches during the workshop can be replicated successfully within your organization.

Your Course of Study

Focused on the practices of today’s successful companies, experiencing this workshop offers new-fresh paradigms and insights to innovation, input, process and innovation output. You will explore one new approach to the process of innovation and different innovation sources and principles, input and strategy, and coaching for innovation performance.

Through dynamic presentation and classroom discussion, real-world case exposure, and small group activities, The Practice of Innovation explores new ways of thinking and practicing innovation (new product development process, new service development process, new working styles, etc.) by applying diagnostic, coaching and engaged approaches to innovation. You will return better prepared to manage your innovation whether your innovation strategy is market-driven or market-driving innovation.

We design comprehensive curriculum for our Innovate We Can![service mark] Workshop Series and involve people who know and experience the issues, practices, and challenges.

Who Is Right for the Program

Designed for leaders and managers in organizations (large and small and medium enterprises) that aims to be more innovative and entrepreneurial leaders responsible for new products and services, this workshop is suited for leaders, and managers from different functions or departments (for example: Research and product development, engineering, product management, marketing, operations, finance, strategy, corporate communication and social responsibility).

Successful innovation required organizational integration. CIS School of Innovation, as the program organizer, invites organizations/companies to send cross-functional or intradepartmental teams of four to six managers. When owners, leaders, and managers share a common vocabulary of innovation and its action framework, and a set of action frameworks, their organizations gain the innovation momentum and reap the innovation effectiveness faster.

Fees, Payments, and Registration

A diverse participant mix is an important part of innovation workshop. We look for workshop participants who reflect a broad range of industries, functions, and backgrounds from different business foci in Indonesia.
Info to Order & Registration: workshop[at], 0811 9849 105.
The fee covers tuition, book(s), diagnostic and coaching tool-kits, case materials, meals, and three team-coaching sessions per organization @45 minutes after the workshop.