IdeaConnection Interview with Avanti Fontana, Author of Innovate We Can!
September 12, 2010. By Vern Burkhardt


… The more I learned the more passionate I became about discovering how to solve the issues, questions, and problems related to innovation. It was not just a matter of discovery and research. I decided to have a career where I could actively disseminate the principles and the systematic ways to innovate, especially within the context of business organizations.

VB: You mentioned the importance of integration in an organization in order to promote innovation. What is its importance?

Avanti Fontana: None of us is as smart as all of us. Innovation requires organizational integration. The issue is that often in large organizations effective integration does not happen. Different practices between or among functions, different languages, different locations, or even different performance indicators in the various departments or work units can inhibit the cross-functional integration.