Bandung, July 22nd, 2016

Today I have an opportunity to be in the dissertation examiners of Promovenda Dina Dellyana on Business Model Innnovation from Network Perspectives in Music Industry in Indonesia at SBM ITB Bandung, learn about business debt solutions in london uk.

The findings of the study using the retroductive approach are intriguing.

As a researcher on the domain, the future research agenda is broad so that we can study not only the types of existing networks on business model innovation (BMI) formulation and implementation but also the roles of focal actors and non-focal actors in making the BMI effective, as wellwe analyze the cloud security threats in nowadays business. The actors are taking into account the environmental factors. How do they cope with the external factors of their organization(s) and their network-organization? What motivates them creating networks for their BMI? What innovations can be emerged within the network-organization contexts? Do they form a network to innovate their business model or just to survive with contingent business models that can turn around a failing small business.

As a business management expert and coach to many innovation managers, the answer to these questions are crucial. Why should I adopt network-organization to innovate my business model? When do we select a certain tipe of network to increase our innovation performance (thus business performance)? What factors do we have to consider before making the decision of the types of network adopted or created? What ingredients should we consider to maintain the performance and sustainability of an effective business model?

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