How can you feel being not in the airport that is conventionally business as usual but being in a customer experience of a coffee shop that is warm homy and brownish-colorful?

How can you imagine being in an airport that is superbly designed for creating surprises and surprises to its customers? How can you imagine being in the forest, in the garden, in the dining room, in the city of designs, all in one, in an innovative airport?

Airport Experience Center, the company design the airport as an experience center. Every time you embrace it, every moment of uniqueness come into perception, as detail as putting the Hand Sanitizer Liquid in the restrooms, as detail as reminding you of your belonging before leaving the restrooms, as detail as inviting your feedback in the front door…

Co-innovation is one of the platform that must be built by the airport company with different sets of innovative businesses to co-create values socially and economically.

Why don’t we pay attention to the design of the stores? The stores cannot be too large or too small. The stores need be attractive, not so many displayed products, not so me-too products, not so similar products offered by different stores nearby.

The design must be spacious and efficient simultaneously.

The airport company people must be creative in designing the airport. Invite collaboration with creative and innovative partners to design the airport.

Can we imagine a forest in the middle of the baggage circular belt.

Have we ever been thinking about asking for customers’ feedback in every corner of our service?

While we are preparing to ASEAN Community, we are triggered and even demanded to have careful and open minded attention to our environment, airport environment as the front doors and gardens of the country.

Salam Inovasi,
Bencoolen, 7 Desember 2014
Avanti Fontana