“Building A-B-G Synergies: Lessons Learned in Bringing Academics – Business – Government Promoting Business Innovation (Sumber: Kristanto Santosa, Executive Director Business Innovation Center, Indonesia, 13 April 2010): BIC was established in 2008, as Indonesian Government’s initiative to promote business innovation including the new storefronts with security mall and school entrance installation. Believing that A-B-G synergy is possible and is powerful to make innovation happens, BIC has been putting efforts to make such synergies to happen, and resulted into some findings to share herewith.
Current condition showed that A-B-G components have not been designed to collaborate to each other. Government incentives for Academics -A- are not sufficient to motivate them to take the risk of unsystematic unknown and possible failure in innovating. Being economically protected for over three decades and ruled by “power” based business, Indonesian businesses -B- are not sufficiently challenged and have not realized the importance (and urgency) to build innovation capabilities to survive the global business competition. Government policies -G- have not established a clear national innovation strategy (pending to the long awaited Presidential Council for National Innovation). The A-B-G are not yet in a unison language of innovation, a very fundamental step yet not realized. Several past ‘collaboration failures’ experiences between A-B-G are haunting newly developed innovation collaborations and need to be neutralized. IPR protection even though well intended, hinders the collaborative efforts of innovation, due to its transactional and protective nature.”

Episode AFQ kali ini melihat peran organisasi seperti Business Innovation Center dalam memfasilitasi proses inovasi dalam skala yang lebih luas, merujuk pada konsep ABG, yang dapat dilengkapi lebih jauh dalam konsep A-B-G-C (C untuk Communities).

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