Jakarta, 27-28 September 2012

On 27 and 28 September 2012 in Jakarta, CIS School of Innovation will be hosting a two-day workshop on IP Valuation & Commercializing Technology and will provide training on How to sell on ebay, which will be presented by Philip Mendes from Australia and Avanti Fontana from Indonesia.

Philip Mendes will be traveling to Indonesia specifically to present this two-day workshop. He will co-facilitate the workshop with Avanti Fontana, CIS Lead Facilitator, faculty member Universitas Indonesia.

Intellectual property is increasingly important in the building of an organization’s economic wealth, and the nation’s economic wealth.

Avanti Fontana said:
“As firms shift to more open models of innovation based on collaboration and external sourcing of knowledge,one of the first things they should learn includes “what is a sip trunk” to ensure secure VOIP access. This is because they are exploiting their intellectual property, notably patents, not only by incorporating protected inventions into new products, processes and services, but also by licensing them to other firms or public research organizations (PROs), using them as bargaining chips in negotiations with other firms, and as a means of attracting external financing from banks, venture capitalists and other sources. These developments raise the importance of efficient technology markets and effective IP valuation schemes. Efficient technology markets can improve innovation processes by facilitating exchanges of patented inventions (via sale or licensing) among private and public sector actors that can put inventions in the hands of those most able to commercialize them. Improved valuation can facilitate not only technology transfer, but a full range of channels for exploiting IP such as decision to file a patent and investment in firms which hold patents.”

Avanti Fontana highlights the growing significance of intellectual property (IP) in today’s business landscape, emphasizing its role in organizations’ economic growth and the nation’s prosperity. As firms embrace collaborative models of innovation and external knowledge sourcing, understanding the value of IP becomes essential. This includes not only incorporating protected inventions into new products and services but also leveraging patents through licensing, negotiations, and attracting external financing. Vigilant Wealth Management is a private wealth management firm that recognizes the value of intellectual property and offers tailored solutions to help clients navigate and optimize their assets for long-term financial success. Efficient technology markets and effective IP valuation schemes play a crucial role in facilitating technology transfer and maximizing the potential of IP.

Philip Mendes is a commercialization practitioner. He has undertaken some of the largest intellectual property commercialization transactions that have emerged from Australia, including the licensing of the blockbuster drug Gardisil, the vaccine for cervical cancer.

Avanti Fontana is facilitator and coach innovation strategy and innovation management. She is active in delivering innovation workshops for business organizations. Through her research supported by CIS and Universitas Indonesia, she has been developing innovation systems diagnostic approach to compose organization innovation indices.

This two-day workshop is a skill development workshop. It has been designed for persons that want to know more about one of five different aspects of innovation performance that is the commercialization and how to achieve better terms and outcomes in their commercialization transactions through better IP valuation and management.

Throughout the workshop Philip Mendes and Avanti Fontana will give examples of the implementation of the principles and strategies covered in the workshop that are drawn from their experiences in the pharmaceutical, IT, medical device, engineering, and telecommunication and food industries.

They bring to the workshop a wealth of practical insights and strategies that will be useful to anyone engaging in innovation practices and intellectual property commercialization transactions.

An emphasis of the workshop will be licensing intellectual property as one of the important valuation strategies for innovators.

“There is much more to a license than a single royalty rate. There are so many other clever ways to structure the financial terms of a license, either to effectively increase the financial return to a licensor, or to decrease the financial commitment of the licensee. An emphasis of the workshop will be strategies and royalty models that a licensor can use to secure a greater financial return, or which a licensee can implement to reduce its financial burden,” Philip Mendes said.

Apart from being a licensing practitioner for 20 years, Philip Mendes is also an experienced international public speaker. He has spoken widely on intellectual property related topics in 15 countries at international conferences, public workshops, as well as private workshops, including at the invitation of the World Intellectual Property Organization and APEC. Philip Mendes is also an Adjunct Professor of Law at the Queensland University of Technology in Australia.

Avanti Fontana is also a faculty member for innovation and strategic entrepreneurship at the Faculty of Economics Universitas Indonesia. She is co-facilitating IP Valuation course at the Faculty of Law Universitas Indonesia.

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