Solo-Jakarta, Argo Lawu, 30 December 2018

If you never push yourself beyond your comfort zone, you will never improve. This is one of the points in Deliberate Practice (DP). DP focuses on performance and how to improve it.

Nobody develops extraordinary abilities without putting in tremendous amounts of practice.

Principles of DP

1. Do DP with teachers or coaches that know the abilities of expert performers and how those abilities can best be developed.

2. Be aware and be ready: No comfort zone, usually not enjoyable.

3. Learners must have well-defined or specific goals to improve some aspects of target performance.

4. Learners or students must have full attention while practicing.

5. Teachers or Coaches must give feedback and suggest modifications of efforts in response to the feedback. They are important for students’ daily practices.

6. Build or modify acquired skills by focusing on particular aspects of those skills and working to improve them specifically that will lead to expert performance.

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