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Avanti Fontana is a faculty member at Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Indonesia (UI). She facilitates teaching-learning in Strategy & Management of Innovation, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Strategy & Management. She also supervises doctoral students in Management especially in the area of Strategy and Management of Innovation. Her research areas focus on strategy & management of innovation, strategy & entrepreneurship, and knowledge management for innovation, in business-organization and national levels.

She received her B.S in Economics from Faculty of Economics UI and DEA (Diplome Etudes Approfondies) Strategy & Management from Universite Paris X Nanterre France, in a joint-program with ESSEC and HEC in Paris. She obtained her doctoral degree in Management Science (Science de Gestion) from l’Ecoles Superieures des Sciences Economiques et Commerciales (ESSEC) & IAE Aix-en-Provence Universite Aix-Marseille III/Paul Cezanne France. She pursued her study on strategy and management of innovation and technology in France during the period of 1997-2003. My special gratitude to all Professors and Colleagues, among others and in particular to Pr Jean-Claude Tarondeau, Pr R-A Thietart, Pr Dwight Merunka, Pr Arnoud De Meyer, Pr Ashok Gupta, Pr Kaz Asakawa, Pr Vincenzo Esposito-Vinzi, Pr Aris Ananta & Pr Haidy Pasay, Pr Dorodjatun Kuntjoro-Djakti, Pr Takahiro Fujimoto, Suzanne Eckhardt & Antoine Bommier, Claudine Polleux at CNOUS/CROUS de Versailles, Pr FX Wahjudi Prakarsa, Pr Bernadette Setiadi, Christina Widjajanti, Mme. Pudjiastuti, Maryvonne & Frederic Lassalle, Ruth Reilly, Sandrine, Gabriella and Tulay of Robert Garric’s Team CIUP, my family in Indonesia; for all valuable, sincere, and immeasurable supports. To God be the Glory.

She subsequently has been designing and developing workshops on The Practice and Art of Innovation (TPAI) and the derivatives of TPAI on knowledge management and integrated management problem solving, customized teaching-learning modules and programs on Innovation Ecosystem, Innovation Assessment, and Innovation Award for different organizations and communities. She also studies innovation at the national level. Her participation in a non-degree program at National Resilience Institute – Republic of Indonesia (Lemhannas RI) in 2013 has enriched her perspectives on national resilience and national innovation systems. She experienced as Taprof at Lemhannas RI Education Program for National Management System (Sismennas, Sistem Manajemen Nasional), 2014-2016.

Avanti Fontana is also a regular and lead-facilitator to organizations she co-founded, i.e., Center for Innovation Studies (since 2004), CIS School of Innovation (since 2010) and Planet Inovasi Foundation (since 2014). With her team, she develops products for customers and clients from different organizations that concern with building or sustaining their innovation systems. She also participates in the design of innovation program for young people in Indonesia. Avanti coaches her daughter in learning violin and piano with Talent Education-Mother Tongue-Suzuki Method.

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