December 23-30, 2018

Children joined the Sesawi Orchestra for Christmas Eve Messe December 24th, 2018 @ Church St. Yakobus, Klodran, Bantul, Central Java. It took about 20 minutes from Kota Baru Yogyakarta to Bantul Klodran.

We spent our last week of December in the area of Yogyakarta, Tawang Mangu and Solo. Children brought along their violins to participate in the choir and orchestra Sesawi for the Messe. Besides, they also had opportunities to bring along their instruments in the photo areas. Here are some photos.

Photos taken in the area of Bantul, Kota Baru Yogyakarta, St. Lempuyangan, Solo Balapan, Tawang Mangu, Jawa Dwipa, Rumah Atsiri, and Rumah Batu Solo.