Act Name: Beatrice Consolata
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“PANIS ANGELICUS” (Cesar Franck) – Single by Beatrice Consolata, Released 14 September 2019.
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“Lihatlah Lebih Dekat – Sherina” cover by Beatrice Consolata:

YouTube Links of beatrice’s five cover songs “Thanksgiving” produced in 2019:

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Beatrice Jean Consolata Gobang (Act Name: Beatrice Consolata) was born in Jakarta on June 19, 2009. Her first single “Panis Angelicus” was released on September 14, 2019 at Spotify, Apple, Amazon, and Youtube.
She regularly performs in voice (solo and choir), violin and piano recitals in Student Concerts at The Resonanz Music Studio (TRMS) and The Resonanz Children’s Choir (TRCC) Concerts, as well as joining national and international master classes for violin, piano, and voice; Suzuki National & International Music Camp/Conferences and Orchestra. Beatrice has participated, as the youngest participant of total 70 participants 9-32 years old, in a musical drama workshop “first batch” Program Ruang Kreatif: Indonesia Menuju Broadway in 21-25 February 2019. The 70 participants were selected from 672 participants based on the live audition in front of five jury panels. This Program was organized by Galeri Indonesia Kaya in collaboration with the StudentsLive-Passport to Broadway NY.
Together with Trinity Youth Symphony (TRUST) Orchestra Indonesia, Beatrice participated in the World Orchestra Orchestra Festival (WOF) on 1-4 August 2019 in Vienna Austria. TRUST Orchestra received Gold Award at the WOF Orchestra Competition 2019. This 5th grade student of Sekolah HighScope Indonesia began learning violin in 2013 at Suzuki Music Association of Indonesia (Suzuki Music Center) with Yasintha Pattiasina then with Mellody Arben, and regular master classes with Therese Wirakesuma and Michelle Siswanto.
Beatrice started learning piano in 2014 with Mayangsari at Suzuki Music Center Jakarta and in 2019 she continues her piano lesson with Daniel Alexander Tan at TRMS.
Beatrice has studied voice at TRMS since 2017 with Valentina Nova; she has participated in extensive and intensive voice lessons to prepare for her mini album (2019) and international competitions. She has joined master classes with Professor Katherine Ciesinski last August 2019 and Farman Purnama last November 2019. Since August 2018, Beatrice has been a member of TRCC with coaches Luciana Oendoen, David Hartono Chendra and Rainier Revireino. She has joined actively in concerts with Jakarta Concerts Orhestra: Beat It (2018), Pukat Christmas (2018), Queen Night (2019), Indonesia Raya (2019), Idul Fitri (2019), Simfoni untuk Bangsa (2019), Ad Amore (2019), When You Wish Upon a Star (2019), Pukat Christmas (2019), Symphony of the Year (2019).


1. Elementary Program, Sekolah High-Scope Indonesia, 2014-current.


2. Early Childhood Education Program, Sekolah High-Scope Indonesia, 2011-2014 (Toddler Class, Preschool Class, Prekindergarten).
3. July 2018: Beatrice shared her idea of a “Smart Mind School” (smArt@Space or Art@Space) as a home for children’s/kids’ learning and performing.

Talent Education & Development, Musicalities

1. Suzuki Method (Violin): August 2013-current. Previous Teacher: Yasintha Pattiasina; Current Teacher: Mellody Arbens & Regular Master Classes.
Experiencing Regular Master Classes with: Antonella Aloigi Hayes (Italy) in Jakarta, Denpasar, Karawaci; Gustav Krachler (Austria) in Vienna 2017, Michelle Siswanto (Indonesia) in Jakarta, Terry Durbin (USA) in Jakarta, Therese Wirakesuma (Indonesia) in Jakarta, Karawaci, Malang.

2. Suzuki Method (Piano): August 2014 – June 2018 (T: Mayangsari); August – December 2018 (Ts: Mimi, Samuel); Since February 2019, The Resonanz Music Studio (T: Daniel Alexander Tan). Experiencing Master Classes with: Marzena Jasinska (Poland) in 6th Suzuki Asia Convention, Denpasar 2016, Stephen A. Cahyadi (Karawaci 2015, 2017).

3. Student of The Resonanz Music Studio (Voice): Since January 2017. T: Valentina Nova Aman.

4. Member of The Resonanz Children’s Choir (TRCC): Since September 2018.

#1. Konser Beat It, 1 December 2018
#2. PUKAT Christmas Concert “Family Jubilation”, 9 December 2018
#3. Konser We Are The Champions, 19 January 2019
#4. Workshop Ruang Kreatif: Indonesia Menuju Broadway 21-24 February 2019.
#5. Choir Indonesia Raya, Maret 2019, TRCC.
#6. Konser Murid, 1 Mei 2019, TRMS.
#7. Konser Idul Fitri, 23 Juni 2019, TRCC.
#8. World Orchestra Festival 2019, Wina, Austria.
#9. Konser Simfoni Untuk Bangsa, 25 Agustus 2019, TRCC.
#10. Resital Puji Syukur (Pimp. Valentina Nova)
#11. Release Single “Panis Angelicus”, 14 September 2019.
Five Cover Songs Recorded in 22 July – 21 October 2019: Panis Angelicus (César Franck), Lihatlah Lebih Dekat (Sherina), Heal the World (Michael Jackson), Andaikan Aku Besar Nanti (Sherina), and Circle of Life (Tim Rice, Elton John).
#12. Konser TRCC, “Ad Amore”, 20 Oktober 2019.
#13. Konser Murid, 10 November 2019, TRMS.
#14. Konser: Wish Upon a Star, 1 December 2019, TRCC.
#15. Konser: PUKAT Christmas, 7 December 2019, TRCC.
#16. Konser: Symphony of the Year, 15 December 2019, TRCC.
#17. Video Recording Nella Fantasia, 24 January 2020. Online Audition.
#18. Konser Murid Bagian II/2019: 26 January 2020, Piano Solo Konser C, Vokal Solo Konser D.

Performing in Recitals, Concerts, Master Classes, Audition & Workshops

10 November 2019. Konser Murid Sesi D, The Resonanz Music Studio, Balai Resital Kertanegara. Song: Circle of Life (Musik: Elton John (b.1947), Lirik: Tim Rice (b.1944).

9 November 2019. Berpartisipasi dalam PL Cup XXI mempersembahkan Persahabatan (Elfa Secioria, Mira Lesmana) dan Sarinande (Maluku, Arr. Farman Purnama), Minus One oleh Renardi Effendi dkk. Pentas di Panggung Terbuka.

1 November 2019. Master Class Vokal dengan Farman Purnama. The Resonanz Music Studio.

20 October 2019. Konser “Ad Amore”, The Resonanz Children’s Choir. Jakarta, Ciputra Artpreneur.

14 September 2019. Performing “Concerto No. 2 in G Major, Op. 13, 3rd Mvt” (F. Seitz) in Sekolah HighScope Open Day, TB Simatupang, Jakarta.

30 Agustus 2019. Resital PUJI SYUKUR (Pimp. Valentina Nova). Beatrice membawakan lagu “Sarinande”, “Nyiur Hijau”, bersama-sama semua artis lagu “Damai Bersama-Mu”. Gedung Pertemuan, Gereja Santo Thomas Rasul.

25 Agustus 2019. Simfoni Untuk Bangsa 2019. Jakarta Concert Orchestra (Avip Priatna, Konduktor), Batavia Madrigal Singers, The Resonanz Children’s Choir. Jakarta, Ciputra Artpreneur.

23 Agustus 2019. Talenta Muda Bhineka Tunggal Ika, Istana Negara. Tampil bersama Trust Orchestra.

11 Agustus 2019. Masterclass Vokal dengan Prof. Katherine Ciesinski (Eastman School of Music, AS), di The Resonanz Music Studio, Jakarta.

1-4 August 2019: TRUST Orchestra, Violin Three, World Orchestra Festival 2019, Vienna, Austria.

August 1: Opening Ceremony, City Hall of Vienna, Rathaus
August 2:
(1) Orchestra Workshop & Masterclass with Prof. Werner Hackl at Univ. of Music and Performing Arts Vienna Austria. TRUST Orchestra performed Rasa Sayange, Janger, Songs from the North, Cublak & Manuk Dadali.
(2) Rehearsing and Performing at Musikverein.
August 3:
(1) Orchestra Competition at MuTh (Vienna Boys’ Choir Concert Hall)
(2) Gala Concert at MuTh
August 4:
(1) Gala Concert at Musikverein
(2) Closing Ceremony

8-12 July 2019: The Resonanz Children’s Choir Camp, Indonesia.

24-28 June 2019: Suzuki Violin Camp (Suzuki Institute of Indonesia 2019), Karawaci, Tangerang, Indonesia; Five-Day Program on Group Lesson, Orchestra, Repertoire, Master Classes, Recital, Musicianship, and Grand Concert.

24-28 June 2019: Violin Master Classes with Christophe Bossuat (France), Suzuki Indonesia Institute 2019.

27 June 2019: Piano Master Class with Edith Widayani (Indonesia), Suzuki Indonesia Institute 2019.

23 Juni 2019: Konser Idul Fitri, Beatrice performing in the The Resonanz Children’s Choir, Jakarta Concert Orchestra, & Batavia Madrigal Singers, conducted by Avip Priatna.

Sabtu, 18 Mei 2019: Violin Recital, Assessment & Performance, CMC Suzuki School, Senayan Jakarta.
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Rabu, 1 Mei 2019, 16.30 WIB: Resital Vokal Panis Angelicus (Cesar Franck). The Resonanz Music Studio (TRMS), Konser Murid E.

Sabtu, 27 April 2019: Violin Master Class with Therese Wirakesuma, CMC Suzuki School, Senayan Jakarta.

Rabu, 3 April 2019, 19.00 WIB: Resital Vokal DAMAI BERSAMAMU oleh Valentina Nova. Beatrice dan Alexa menyanyikan “PANIS ANGELICUS”. Dan bersama semua tim menyanyi “DAMAI BERSAMAMU” dengan vokalis utama Valentina Nova. GKP Lt. 4., Gereja Santo Thomas Rasul.

Minggu, 31 Maret 2019, 16.30 WIB: Master Class Piano dengan Ananda Sukarlan, Ananda Sukarlan Center, Jakarta.

Sabtu, 16 Maret 2019: Violin Master Class with Therese Wirakesuma, CMC Suzuki School, Senayan Jakarta.

Kamis, 7 Maret 2019: Violin Master Class with Michelle Siswanto, MS Studio, Jakarta.

20-24 February 2019: Pelatihan “Indonesia Menuju Broadway,” Ruang Kreatif Galeri Indonesia Kaya, Bakti Budaya Djarum Foundation.

10 February 2019: Violin Master Class with Therese Wirakesuma, CMC Suzuki School, Senayan Jakarta.

3 February 2019: Audition Indonesia Menuju Broadway” by Galeri Indonesia Kaya at Balai Resital Kertanegara Jakarta. Bakti Budaya Djarum Foundation mempersembahkan Indonesia Menuju Broadway, program beasiswa pelatihan bagi seniman muda untuk memperoleh pembekalan ilmu panggung dengan standar Broadway di Indonesia, langsung dari pengajar-pengajar StudentsLive-Passport to Broadway NYC, yang sudah terpercaya dalam mengajarkan kurikulum musikal dan teater Broadway. Program ini membuka kesempatan Peserta mengikuti pelatihan di New York.

26 January 2019: Violin Master Class with Therese Wirakesuma, CMC Suzuki School, Senayan Jakarta.

19 January 2019: Konser Queen Night “We Are The Champions”, Jakarta Concert Orchestra (Konduktor Avip Priatna), Batavia Madrigal Singers, The Resonanz Children’S Choir (TRCC) & Para Solois.

24 December 2018: Konser Biola bersama Komunitas Sesawi, mengiringi Koor Misa Malam Natal 20.00 WIB, Gereja St. Yakobus Klodran Bantul, Yogyakarta. Thanks to Ms. Monica Maya for inviting us to join Sesawi Orchestra, Bantul – Central Java.

15 December 2018: CMC Violin Recital Series #2, Suzuki Music Association of Indonesia, Jakarta. Beatrice’s Performance Reciting Humoresque (A. Dvorak).

9 December 2018: 24th PUKAT Christmas Concert “A Family’s Jubilation on Christmas”. Jakarta Concert Orchestra, Batavia Madrigal Singers, The Resonanz Children’s Choir (TRCC), Armonia Choir. (Beatrice in Group Performance TRCC.)

1 December 2018: “Beat It” Concert Celebrating 60th Ann. of Michael Jackson by Jakarta Concert Orchestra (Konduktor: Avip Priatna), Batavia Madrigal Singers, The Resonanz Children’s Choir (TRCC) (Beatrice in Group Performance TRCC).

1 December 2018: Violin Master Class with Therese Wirakesuma, CMC Suzuki School, Senayan Jakarta.

25 November 2018: Mellody’s Violin Recital, @IFI Thamrin – Jakarta. Beatrice’s reciting BOURREE (JS Bach), Suzuki Violin School, Vol.3 #7.

20 November 2018: Violin Master Class with Michelle Siswanto, MS’s Studio, Jakarta Barat.

3 November 2018: Violin Master Class with Therese Wirakesuma, CMC Suzuki School, Senayan Jakarta.

26 October 2018: Violin Master Class with Michelle Siswanto, MS’s Studio, Jakarta Barat.

29 September 2018: Violin Master Class with Therese Wirakesuma, CMC Suzuki School, Senayan Jakarta.

22 September 2018: Violin Master Class with Therese Wirakesuma, CMC Suzuki School, Senayan Jakarta.

23 September 2018: Voice Concert Catur Wulan III – 2018. The Resonanz Music Studio. (Beatrice’s Third Concert. Grup Konser C. Song: My Favorite Things from The Sound of Music by Oscar Hammerstein II (1895-1960) & Richard Charles Rodgers (1902-1979)

26 August 2018: Suzuki Music Association of Indonesia at IOEF (Indonesia Orchestra Ensemble Festival), Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta.
SMAI Students performing songs from Suzuki Violin School Book Volume 4, 3, 2, and 1; part of the performance: Beatrice in the group performing Gavotte by Jean Becker. (Group)

18 March 2018: Voice Concert Catur Wulan I – 2018. TRMS. Teacher: Valentina Nova Aman. (Beatrice’s Second Concert. Song: Walking in the Air by Howard Blake).

16 December 2017: Annual Piano Concert 2017 for Young Children, Soll Marina Hotel Serpong.

9 December 2017: Christmas Caroling at Puri Indah Lippo Mall.

3 December 2017: Bens’ Student Violin Recital at D-Lab Menteng Jakarta Pusat. Solo Performance: Minuet by L Boccherini; Group Performance Twinkle Variations, Allegro, Ode to Joy, Jingle Bells, Chorus Judas Maccabeus, Long-Long Ago, Gavotte Lully; Beatrice accompanied the solo performance of Jonas Ignasio Claudius Gobang (Lightly Row & Go Tell Aunt Rhody).

1 December 2017: Christmas Caroling at Kemang Village Lippo Mall.

18 November 2017: All Jakarta Honor Orchestra Strings Festival, Beatrice joining La Petite Group Orchestra of Age 8-10 (Playing Tzena, Bintang Kecil, Sit Down Stand Up, Cuckoo, Celtic Society), at Raffles Stage, British School Jakarta World Theatre.

11 November 2017: Violin Master Class with Therese Wirakesuma, CMC Suzuki School, Bangka, Jakarta.

28-29 October 2017: SMAI Violin Festival, SPH Lippo Karawaci. Individual Master Classes with Antonella Aloigi; Group Master Class with Antonella Aloigi, Christophe Bosuat, Therese Wirakesuma; Grand Concert.

29 October 2017:

Clip of Musette by JS Bach at SMAI Festival Concert Led by Christophe Bosuat, SPH Karawaci.

Beatrice’s performing Two Grenadiers (R.Schumann) with the piano accompaniment by Mrs. Therese Wirakesuma.

26 August 2017: Violin Group and Solo at Suzuki Method Workshop, Indonesia Open Ensemble Festival, Taman Ismail Marzuki Jakarta, Teater Kecil.

26-30 June 2017: Violin Summer Master Classes with Gustav Krachler, Vienna Music Academy, Austria.

14 May 2017: Violin Grand Concert, Suzuki Music Association of Indonesia.

11 May 2017: Piano Annual Concert, Suzuki Music Association of Indonesia.

2 April 2017: Piano Recital, Session 3. Annual Concert by Beyond Music at Erasmushuis, Jakarta.

25-27 March 2017: Malang String Tour by Suzuki Music Association of Indonesia. Master Class Sessions with Mrs. Therese Wirakesuma (SMAI).

12 March 2017: Voice Concert Catur Wulan I. The Resonanz. Teacher: Valentina Nova Aman. (Beatrice’s First Voice Concert)

11 March 2017: HighScope Concert, Family Fun Day by SHIPA.

26 August 2016: Violin Master Class with Ms. Elke Traxler (Johann Sebastian Bach Musikschule), Repertoire: Bourree (G.F. Handel) & The Two Grenadiers (R. Schumann), Austria Music Week organized by Sekolah Musik Amadeus (Yayasan Musik Amadeus Indonesia).

26-30 June 2016: Participant, Sixth Asia Suzuki Music Conference, Denpasar Bali Indonesia. Instrument: Violin. Violin Master Class with Antonella Aloigi Hayes (Italy) & Master Class Piano with Marzena Jasinska (Poland). Group Lessons Class led by Martin Ruttimann (Switzerland) and Juffie Stieneke (Holland). Orchestra 1 led by Terry Durbin (USA). Green Group Repertoire led by Antonella Aloigi Hayes (Italy), Kathleen Spring (USA), Martin Ruttimann (Switzerland), Ariel G Arambulo (Philippines).

29 June 2016: Recital, Hunters’ Chorus (Maria von Weber), 6th Asia Suzuki Conference 2016, Bali, Indonesia.

22 May 2016: Grand Concert, Suzuki Music Association of Indonesia Grand Concert, RRI, Jakarta.

15 May 2016: Piano Suzuki Music Recital, Goodbye to Winter (Folk Song), Allegretto 1 and 2 (Carl Czerny), Christmas-Day Secrets (T. Dutton), SPH Lippo Village Karawaci.

30 April 2016: Violin Festival 2016, Yayasan Pendidikan Musik Klasik Indonesia, Chorus from Judas Maccabeus (G.F. Handle) and Hunters’ Chorus (C.M Von Weber), SPH Lippo Village Karawaci.

20 February 2016: Recital Suzuki Music Center at SPH Kemang Village: Piano Goodbye to Winter (Folk Song) & Allegretto 2 (Carl Czerny); Violin: Chorus Judas Maccabeus (JS Bach).

19 December 2015: Piano “Go Tell Aunt Rhody & Au Clair de la Lune”; Violin “Happy Farmer.”

8 November 2015: Jaya Suprana Hall, Piano “Go Tell Aunt Rhody & Little Playmates”

25 October 2015: Gradasi & Young Performers’ Recital. Piano “Go Tell Aunt Rhody & Au Clair de la Lune” (Folk Songs) & Violin “Happy Farmer” (R. Schumann).

15-19 July 2015: Participant, 10th European Suzuki Convention, Davos Switzerland. (Instrument: Violin)

29 June-3 July 2015: Participant, Suzuki Institute of Indonesia 2015 (Piano), SPH/UPH Karawaci. Piano Master Class with Stephen Cahyadi.

26 April 2015: Tropical Music Concert by Beyond Music at Italian Institute of Culture, Jakarta. Beatrice performed piano “Au Clair de la Lune” and “Cuckoo,” and violin “Allegro”.

11-15 June 2014: Participant, 5th Asia Suzuki Music Conference, Taipei, Taiwan. Violin.

18 May 2014: SMAI Graduation Concert, Dome of the Harvest Lippo Village. Violin.

24 August 2013: Archipelago: A Concert of Indonesian Music, Dome the Harvest, Lippo Karawaci. Beatrice performed Violin in group.

19 May 2013: The 4th Suzuki Method Graduation, Usmar Ismail Concert Hall. Violin.

2013: Suzuki Institute of Indonesia, SPH Lippo Village Karawaci. (Violin)

2012-2013: Exposed to Violin Master Classes with Antonella Aloigi Hayes (Italy), Terry Durbin (USA).

2012: Grand Concert and Graduation Concert. Observation and Twinkle Variations. Violin.

Audience of Performance & Workshop

18 May 2019 (19.30 WIB): Pour l’Indonesia, Batavia Madrigals Singers, Konduktor Avip Priatna, Konser Pra Kompetisi, Balai Resital Kertanegara.

12 May 2019 (16.00 WIB): AnnieJR Musical, Usmar Ismail.

5 May 2019 (16.30 WIB): “Tales of Spring” oleh A Collaboration Recital by Jessica Januar & Edith Widayani, Balai Resital Kertanegara.

1 May 2019 (17.30 WIB): Konser Murid TRMS Sesi F, Balai Resital Kertanegara.

7 April 2019 (16.00 WIB): Resital Guru TRMS, Musik Senja, Balai Resital Kertanegara. (Tidak Hadir Langsung; Melihat sebagian Rekaman Video & Suara.)

9 Maret 2019 (13.00 WIB): Session with “Piano Brothers, Elwin Hendrijanto on Music Composition”, Balai Resital Kertanegara.

19 February 2019 (19.30 WIB): “Carl Loewe & Felix Mendelssohn” oleh Jakarta Concert Orchestra (Konduktor: Avip Priatna), Konser memperingati 150 tahun wafatnya Carl Loewe & 2010 tahun kelahiran Felix Mendelssohn, Jakarta Usmar Ismail Hall.

16 February 2019 (13.00 WIB): Pengenalan Musik Simfoni oleh Avip Priatna, Jakarta, Balai Resital Kertanegara.

10 February 2019 (16.00 WIB): Violin Recital, CMC Suzuki School & NAFA (Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Singapore). Musicians: Foo Say Ming (NAFA Singapore) & Iswargia Sudarno (Indonesia).

24 November 2018 (19.30 WIB): “Mozartiana” by Jakarta Sinfonietta supported by Soprano Aning Katamsi, Rifki Ardiansyah Arif. Conductor: Iswargia T. Sudarno.

2 November 2018 (20.00 WIB): Lelangen Beksan: Langendriyan Damarwulan Karya Retno Maruti, Sanggar Padnecwara. Taman Mini Indonesia Indah.

27 October 2018 (16.00 WIB): The Best of Me directed by Christina Tambunan, Celebrating Disney’s Greatest Classical Hits, Balai Resital Kertanegara.

21 October 2018 (16.00 WIB): Konser Pra Kompetisi 50th Anniversary Tolosa Choral Contest, Batavia Madrigal Singers – Avip Priatna Conductor, Balai Resital Kertanegara.

29 September 2018 (19.30 WIB): Sabda Semesta (Menampilkan Sajak Simfonik Karya Sibelius, Liszt, Vierne, dll.), Jakarta Concert Orchestra – Avip Priatna Conductor, Aula Simfonia Jakarta.

23 September 2018 (15.00 WIB): Konser Murid Junior, Catur Wulan III – 2018, The Resonanz Music Studio (TRMS).

29 April 2018: Konser Musik Kamar DIVERTIMENTO, Balai Resital Kertanegara, Minggu. Tim Artistik: Avip Priatna & Marini Widyastari.

26-27 August 2017: Indonesia Open Ensemble Festival (IOEF), Taman Ismail Marzuki Jakarta, Teater Kecil & Graha Bakti Budaya: Concerts, Gala Concert, and Workshops: Ensemble: Camerata Indonesia, Maria Pratiwi Harp Ensemble, Galaxy Band, Nota Bene Recital, Fernando & His Little Ensemble, Binus Youth Music Society, Orkes Tiup Jepang Jakarta, UPH Symphony Orchestra, TRUST Gala Concert.






12 August 2017 (19.30 WIB): Jakarta Sinfonietta Iswargia R. Sudarno (Conductor) “INDONESIANA”: Featuring Wirya SA (Oboe), Stephanie MS (Bassoon), Ken Lila Ashanti (Violin), Seul Bi Lee (Violin), Giovani Biga (Violin), Satryo AY (Viola), Alfred Sugiri (Piano), Eugene Carmona (Piano), Randy Ryan (Piano). Balai Resital Kertanegara.

14 July 2017: Violin & Piano Performance by Hartini van Rijssel (Violin) & Mark Lippe (Piano), Balai Resital Kertanegara, Jakarta.

24 June 2017: SchlossKonzerteMirabell, Salzburg Austria; Composers Leopold Mozart, WA Mozart, FX Mozart & L. Boccherini; Musicians: Mozart Quartet Salzburg.

19 November 2016: Twilite Orchestra on the Beatles, Ciputra Artpreneur Theater Jakarta.

27-29 June 2016: Evening Concerts, 6th Asia Region Suzuki Conference, Bali, Indonesia.

19 May 2016: Amadeus Orchestra “Neo Capella”, Gedung Perfilman Usmar Ismail.

February 2016: Trinity Performance, Gedung Kesenian Jakarta.

June 2015: Suzuki Indonesia Camp, SMAI Concert, UPH Karawaci.

13 December 2014: An Enchanted Evening The Ary Suta Center Music Academy in December at Galeri Indonesia Kaya, featuring Sonata a Quattro No. 3 in C Major (G Rossini), Holberg Suite Op. 40 (E Grieg), Mantras (R Meyer), O Holy Night (AC Adams), and Christmas Carols (various composers).

27 November 2014: Musik yang Membebaskan (Orkestra Anak Pinggiran & Internasional) featuring Iskandar Widjaja – Hadar. Jakarta Philharmonic Orchestra & Ciliwung Merdeka, Kompas Gramedia – Bentara Budaya Jakarta.

18 May 2014: SMAI Graduation Concert, Dome of the Harvest Lippo Village.

19 May 2013: The 4th Suzuki Method Graduation, Usmar Ismail Concert Hall.

27 April 2013: Camerata Indonesia’s “A Night at the Symphony” with Guest Conductor Chan Tze Law, Featuring Soloist Neam Hidayat, Cello. British International School World Theatre – Bintaro, Jakarta.

6 April 2013: SMAI Home Concert, Community Music Center & Capriccioso Children’s Choir, SPH Lippo Village.

2 June 2012: Choir Festival Concert, UPH Building D 5th Floor, Concentus Community Choir, Capriccioso Children’s Choir, Jubilus Children’s Choir, Batavia Madrigal Singers.

Extracurricular Activities at HighScope Indonesia
1. Scouting (2015)
2. Traditional Dance (2015)
3. Art Nouveau (2015)
4. Jumping Clay (2015/16)
5. Creative Writing (2016-current)
6. Choir (2016)
7. Hip Hop (2016/17)
8. Essential Skills (2017)
9. Mandarin (2017/2018)
10. World Scholar Cup (2018-current)

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Performance at HighScope Indonesia School
1. Business Day
2. Math-week
3. Traditional Dance
4. Indonesia Week and International Week
5. Student-Led Conference

Hobbies & Products
– YouTube Channel: FunnyCupCakeWorld
– Fiction Favorite Book: Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss
– Non-Fiction Favorite Book: Experiment, Science, and Encyclopedia
– Art and Craft, photo frames, cards, etc.
– Cooking: Cookies, Cake, Ice Cream

Some Playlists/Presentation (

Forthcoming: Beatrice’s Learning & Performance Momentum

* January-December 2019: Regular Violin Master Classes.
* 24-28 June 2019: Suzuki Music of Indonesia Summer Camp (Violin), Karawaci-Tangerang, Indonesia.
* May-July 2019: Vienna WOF Rehearsal
* 31 July & 1-4 August 2019: World Orchestra Festival, Vienna, Austria.
* 25 August 2019: Simfoni untuk Bangsa, JCO, BMS, TRCC @Ciputra Artpreneur Jakarta.
* 20 October 2019: The Resonanz Children’s Choir “Ad Amore” by JCO & TRCC @Ciputra Artpreneur Jakarta.
* 1 December 2019: When You Wish Upon a Star by JCO, BMS, & TRCC @Teater Jakarta Taman Ismail Marzuki.
* June 2020: The Seventh Asia Suzuki Music Conference (Violin), Singapore.


1. “Beat It” Concert Celebrating 60th Michael Jackson by Jakarta Concert Orchestra (Konduktor Avip Priatna) menampilkan: Batavia Madrigal Singers, The Resonanz Children’s Choir (TRCC), Farman Purnama & Lisa Depe. Saturday, 19.30 WIB, 1 December 2018. Berikut Cuplikan Foto & Video TRCC melantunkan HEAL THE WORLD dan I WANT YOU BACK & ABC.

2. “A Family’s Jubilation on Christmas,” PUKAT Christmas Concert by Jakarta Concert Orchestra (Konduktor: Avip Priatna) menampilkan: Batavia Madrigal Singers, The Resonanz Children’s Choir (TRCC), Elizabeth Dwi Purna (Lisa Depe), Farman Purnama, Heny Janawati, Maruli Tampubolon, Putri Ayu. Ciputra Artpreneur Theater, Sunday, 19.00 WIB, 9 December 2018.

3. “The Queen Night: We Are The Champion”, 19 January 2019.

Berikut Cuplikan Foto Beatrice dalam kebersamaan The Resonanz Children’s Choir.

Beatrice’s Reciting Gavotte in D Major (JS Bach), Suzuki Violin Vol.3, #6.

Cuplikan Foto/Video Kegiatan Musikalitas

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Beatrice with Issy 2014










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