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Trade Innovation

1 Comment 02 November 2012

Trade Innovation

Sharing Session on Trade Innovation @KDEI Taipei. The power of design is one of the key phrases. Indonesian Business Entrepreneurs are to pay more attention to the design aspects of their products (goods & services), in and at every inch of their products and how the products are being used/consumed.

The trend of experience innovation requires business entrepreneurs to design their products to facilitate customers’ consumption or customers’ use of products (goods or services).

I usually facilitate companies or business organizations to innovate their products or services. The workshop and coaching innovation are designed in a half-day session, a one-day session, and a best-practice-two-day session. For effective practice in two-day session, the number of participants is from 10 to 24 participants. We often customized our workshop should customers/companies allocate less than 14-hour session. Info Session: Ms. Cita at 0811 9849 105 or workshop[at]

We are soft-launching new products!
Workshop on New-Product-Development (NPD) Innovation
Workshop on Product Innovation & Intelligence
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  1. Galeri Nuhanaga says:

    Selain kekuatan Desain Produk (barang/jasa), kekuatan Desain Pengalaman Konsumen menjadi hal penting yang perlu diperhatikan para pengusaha mikro-kecil-menengah-besar. Itu yang saya maksud dengan “The Power of Design” ada posting 2 Nov lalu. Dan bicara desain produk, kita juga akan bicara desain kota, desain wilayah, desain stasiun kereta api, desain terminal bis, desain desa, dst., hingga yang lebih besar lagi kita bicara desain negara ini.

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